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NFL Player Matt Ryan Welcomes Home Twins From NICU

After Weeks in the NICU, This NFL Family Got to Bring Home Their "Small but Tough" Twins

Matt and Sarah Ryan waited weeks to bring home their twin boys from the NICU — five weeks to be exact. Now, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback and his wife are opening up about that difficult waiting period and thanking all those who helped make the process more tolerable.

On Instagram, Sarah explained that she had been placed on bed rest back in January due to complications related to the pregnancy. After six weeks in the hospital, the couple's "twin boys decided they were ready to make their arrival into the world." Sarah added, "They were small but tough and fought their way through their time in the NICU to get strong enough to come home."

The first baby, Marshall Thomas Ryan, was sent home after five weeks in intensive care, while John Matthew Ryan came home the following week. "To say that having Marshall and Johnny at home is a dream come true for Matt and I would be putting it mildly," Sarah wrote. "We are endlessly thankful for their doctors and nurses in the NICU who gave them the most incredible care and will forever hold a special place in our hearts."


The same day Sarah shared the couple's childbirth story and journey to get their babies home, Matt also shared a few sweet shots with the caption, "Welcome our boys Marshall and Johnny."

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