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The Noggle AC Nozzle For the Back Seat

Afraid of Your Kid’s Carseat Overheating? Try This Nozzle For the A/C Vent!

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In my neighborhood, temperatures typically hover around the high 70s in the Summer, but we'll regularly get 80-, 90-, and 100-degree heat waves, for days at a time. It's during those moments I cringe whenever I need to put our daughter in the car seat. If I know we'll be driving, I'll try to move my car underneath a tree for some shade ahead of time, but when it's 110 degrees outside like it was last Summer, shade can only do so much. I'll always power the A/C up to its highest range and angle the vents up toward the back, but with her facing backward, it can take a very long time before that stream of cool A/C hits her.

This is a huge concern for parents who live in warm climates. Luckily, there's the Noggle ($55), designed to alleviate this very problem. It's a long hose that affixes to your front vent with an attachment and a zip tie, and it funnels cool air (or hot air in the Winter) directly to your little one. Parents seem to love it. Here are a few reviews.

"We moved to Phoenix, Arizona last year and went through a whole summer dying each time we got in the car! We would eventually cool down but our poor daughter was a sweaty mess each time. This summer we couldn't take it anymore but couldn't think of a better solution. We tried using battery powered fans (but hey, batteries are expensive!) and buying a new car wasn't an option, so, we weren't sure what to do. My husband was out one day and saw a weird hose like object in someone's car running from the AC to a car seat. He did some research and found the Noggle! We ordered it, installed it (very easily) and have fallen in love with it from day one! Our baby girl is much happier in the car and we will be ordering a second one for our son. My daughter is still rear-facing so this solved all our air cooling problems."

"It took a few tries to get the zip ties placed in a good spot that [didn't] make the vent want to close on its own. It was very easy to install. There is a little leakage of air around the top, but I'm okay with that since it's going into the car to help cool. It does not affect how hard the air is blowing on the other end for my kiddo. It was blowing hard. We've only had it a few days but so far I'm really enjoying it. It's nice to hear my kid tell me he is cold from the back seat instead of seeing his flushed cheeks."

It's important to note that some customers have struggled to get it to mount properly to their vent, so be sure to read the instructions carefully.

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The Noggle AC Nozzle For the Back Seat
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