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North Farmington High School Seniors' Pop Culture ID Photos

These High School Seniors All Took Their ID Photos Dressed as Pop Culture Icons, and LOL

Seniors at North Farmington High School in Michigan are quickly gaining attention on Twitter thanks to their epic school ID photos, in which they're each dressed as a pop culture icon or meme. After the school's senior class went viral in 2017 for their photos, the class of 2019 did its best to top the class of 2018 — but we think the class of 2020 may just have this in the bag.

As for the birth of the tradition, which was a couple of years ago, senior Erin Sawyer says the seriously cool ritual just keeps getting bigger. "The idea behind it is that the way our yearbook works is that everyone submits their own senior portraits," Erin told POPSUGAR. "Therefore, the ID pictures are only on the IDs. The first class of seniors [that did it] took this as an opportunity to have some fun with their pictures! Now, I think some people wish the ID photos could be their yearbook photos!"

As for choosing the costume to wear in her ID photo in 2018, Erin had a few reasons for selecting Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus. "I've always loved Ms. Frizzle!" she said. "As a woman intending to go into a STEM field, I love to see that kind of representation, especially in a kids' show. Plus, she's super positive and fun!"

Check out some of the best IDs from the Class of 2020 below, followed by previous years' gems.

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