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Pampers Ad Brings Out Best in People

Touching New Pampers Ad Shows That Babies Bring Out the Best in People

Just how powerful are babies? Despite their tiny size and inability to speak, babies can move mountains — they can inspire people to change for the better. A new ad from Pampers, entitled "Better For Baby," highlights the impact babies have on the world around. It features a mom singing an updated version of the classic "Hush, Little Baby" lullaby, but instead of the mom singing about all of the things she'll buy the baby, she sings about all of the things people — not just the baby's parents — will do to make the child's life better. From the grandma who will learn to read so she can read to the baby, to the construction workers who will stop drilling so they don't hurt the baby's ears, to the hurried businessman who helps a struggling mother carry her stroller up the stairs, there's something about babies that just brings out the best in people.

The ad, which is part of Pampers's #BetterForBaby campaign, definitely hits the nail on the head when it comes to what parents wish for their children — so much so that in two days, it's already racked up 1.5 million views! Grab a tissue and watch. You won't regret it!

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