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Preemie Baby Survives Birth Despite the Odds

Despite Having a 1 Percent Chance of Surviving Birth, This Preemie "Defied the Odds"

Lisa Healion Meyer, a mother of two from Nebraska, was over the moon when she learned that her third child was going to be a little girl. At first, her pregnancy was totally normal until she spontaneously had a subchorionic hemorrhage and started going into labor at just 22 weeks pregnant. Lisa told POPSUGAR how, in the blink of an eye, her world was turned upside down after giving birth to her one-pound daughter Logan.

We were told she may not survive birth, and if she did, she'd be too small for the breathing tube. The doctors suggested just letting her pass in our arms so that we could hold her until her heart stopped. They told us they would give us a cooling cot to keep her body from decomposing. Hearing that and having to still go through labor without the reward at the end was just heartbreaking.

Lisa and her husband Ben decided to take their chances with the breathing tube, and miraculously, Logan pulled through despite having a 1 percent chance of survival.

"Doctors agreed [to try the breathing tube] but said that they [couldn't] do compressions with it because they didn't want her to suffer," she said. "When I found out that the NICU team was able to get her tube and IVs in without much issue I went from the lowest low to such a high!"

So far, Logan's condition has been improving, but Lisa is taking the situation day by day. "Ever since, we have been just been so overwhelmingly grateful! We are so blessed to have her at almost five days old. She has been stable and really defying the odds," she said. "They gave us a 1 percent chance that she would survive but we couldn't risk it. We wanted to give her a chance."

The doctors said they needed to wait a full three weeks before they can truly assess Logan's chance of survival, which means Lisa and her family are facing a long road to recovery at Methodist Women's Hospital in Nebraska. "She was supposed to be born on June 21, so we're looking at at least six months in the NICU."

To help the Meyer family with little Logan's medical bills, go to their GoFundMe page to donate to the cause.

Image Source: Lisa Healion Meyer
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