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Reasons Parents Are Up at Night

Test Your Middle-of-the-Night Skills: Why Have You Been Up at Night?

All parents are up in the middle of the night at one point or another. From late-night feedings to wee-hour wailings, everyone knows that parenting is a 24-hour-a-day job, but it's the late-night episodes that really put parenthood to the test. And while it never gets easy, some of us have been up so much at night that we could do just about anything at 2 a.m. — and I'd say that gives us bragging rights!

So where do you stand on the nighttime wakings? See how many of these middle-of-the-night wakings you have dealt with as a parent. Then be sure to share, because who knows, maybe you're actually not the most tired mama out of all your friends!

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  1. Breastfeeding
  2. Giving a bottle
  3. Changing a diaper
  4. Changing a child's sheets from a pee accident
  5. Changing a child's sheets from vomit
  6. Baby wants to be flipped back over
  7. Baby wants to play
  8. Toddler wants to play
  9. Big kid wants to play
  10. Consoling a scared child from a bad dream
  11. Consoling a scared child from thunderstorms
  12. Answering a child's question (completely random)
  13. Answering a child's question (about the following day)
  14. Calming down an excited child (due to pending birthday, trip to Disney, etc.)
  15. Giving medicine
  16. Rocking a gassy baby
  17. Rocking a colicky baby
  18. Satisfying the fact that your child "needs" you
  19. Listening for a coughing child
  20. Steaming out a croupy child
  21. Googling an illness or sickness
  22. Snuggling with a child
  23. Calling a pediatrician
  24. Driving to the ER
  25. Checking on your child's breathing/heartbeat
  26. Worrying about your baby
  27. Worrying about your toddler
  28. Worrying about your big kid
  29. Worrying about your teen
  30. Worrying about your adult child
  31. Your child heard a noise
  32. You heard a noise
  33. Your partner heard a noise
  34. Consoling a teething child
  35. Looking for a lost blankie/lovie/stuffed animal
  36. Waiting out your child's night terror
  37. Googling night terrors
  38. Helping your sleepwalking child get back to bed
  39. Your toddler/big kid is hungry
  40. You have absolutely no idea why
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