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Refrigerator Organizing Hacks

7 Refrigerator-Organizing Hacks That Are Actually Really Satisfying

Refrigerators are the like the Bermuda Triangle — things just tend get lost in there. And since you spend so much time and money at the grocery store every week stocking up on dinner essentials, snacks, and everything else, it's worth taking some time to organize and clear up space. Keeping your fridge organized not only keeps you sane, but it also helps you from wasting foods you forgot about. Now the next time you go food shopping, you'll know exactly what you need and have a place for it ready to go!

  1. Label Everything — Leftovers are great, but discovering a mysterious food container with unidentifiable meat in it weeks later is less than desirable. The best way to avoid this is to keep masking tape and a marker close to your refrigerator for easy labeling. And the tape doesn't get stuck on containers, so you can relabel as often as you need to.
  2. Try Using a Lazy Susan — You know those refrigerator staples (like soy sauce) that don't get that much usage? Not only will a lazy Susan stop you from having to reach all the way in the back, but it will also keep you from forgetting you even have them.
  3. Use Bins For Fruits and Vegetables — It's so easy to shove a bag of grapes in a drawer and forget about them until they spoil. That's money down the drain, and an easy solution is to use separate bins for your fruits and vegetables. Bonus points if the bins are see through!
  4. Use an Empty Egg Carton For Condiments — Those upside-down ketchup, mustard, and salad dressing bottles are constantly getting knocked over, aren't they? To keep nearly empty bottles standing, put the bottom half of an empty egg carton on one of the door's shelves.
  5. Hang Bottles on the Ceiling — That's right, the roof of your refrigerator is about to have an unexpectedly beneficial use. These little devices use magnets to hold bottles in place and free up valuable shelving.
  6. Add an Extra Shelf — If your fridge is on the smaller size or you have a lot of food to store, stack a small plastic or wire shelf on top on one already built in.
  7. Utilize Binder Clips — When there isn't enough standing room in your refrigerator, attach a binder clip or two on the shelf. Then, you can lay bottles on their sides and stack them without worrying they'll roll across the shelf. You can also clip opened bags of cheese, spinach, and other foods to close and suspend them on shelves to free up space.
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