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Basic Grocery List For Someone on a Budget

14 Grocery Staples I Always Have as a 20-Something on a Budget

Basic Grocery List For Someone on a Budget
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As a 26-year-old who started out in the professional world a few years ago, I know how hard it can be to get your life together. You're supposed to find a job, live on your own, cook for yourself, and find the time to exercise, which, unfortunately, I don't think includes walking to the kitchen for snack breaks in between TV episodes.

When you have so much going on — especially when you're on a budget — one thing that some people dread is grocery shopping. I personally love it, but it took a little practice to figure out a routine and a grocery list that worked for me. As someone who loves to cook, there are certain things I like to have on hand all the time. These are 14 budget-approved staples I always have stocked in my kitchen.

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