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Rosé on Sale at Costco

Your Favorite Bottle of Rosé Is Only $9 at Costco — Seriously, Take Your Time, Summer

If seeing pictures of kids sledding on flamingo pool floaties made you long for sunshine, you're not alone. It seems like everyone has Summer on their minds right now, and we're right there with them. The heat, vacations, and refreshing drinks are just a few of the elements of warm-weather days we're dreaming of.

It seems Costco is also totally over Winter. We spotted this handy photo on Instagram of our absolute favorite rosé on sale for just $8.99, and I'm this close to just picking up a case, cranking my thermostat up to 80, and sitting on the couch in a bikini. This bottle is a hit whenever I pour it — the bottle itself is stunning — and considering that it's usually $17, this seems like the best idea I've had in a while. There might be a river of rainwater cascading down my street, but thanks for Costco, it can be Summer in my living room.

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