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School Bans Tight Pants For Sake of Male Teachers

The Reason Why This School Banned Tight Pants Might Creep You Out

Plenty of schools have made headlines for controversial dress code restrictions, from deeming leggings inappropriate to kicking students out of school for their hairstyles. But one high school in the UK is gaining extra attention this week for its dress code ruling against tight pants on female students. The administration of Trentham High School in Staffordshire, England, didn't cite the usual "distraction to fellow students" reasoning for their crackdown — instead, they claim that the loose-pants rule is for the sake of their male teachers.

During their first day of classes, 10 female students were made to change pants after school headmistress, Dr. Rowena Blencowe, told them that their tight slacks would distract their male instructors. Unlike skirts (also banned by the headmistress due to unnecessary skin display), which can be measured in terms of inches from the knees or fingertips, the fit of students' trousers is up to interpretation by the school staff.

This is already causing problems, making students feel targeted because of their body shape. "I was with a girl wearing exactly the same pair of trousers but, because I have slightly larger legs than her, I was told my trousers are too tight and that I must go home and change," 15-year-old student Harriet Dale said in a Yahoo interview. "I know I've got slightly bigger legs than some people; it doesn't need pointing out."


That sort of thing is apparently not what concerns Dr. Blencowe, who has shown exceptional concern with girls' dress code standards. "It's not pleasant for male members of staff and students," said the headmistress after banning skirts at Trentham earlier this year. "The girls have to walk up stairs and sit down, and it's a complete distraction." But should the well-being of "distracted" male teachers be the focus here, or is the implication that they're staring at students' bodies concerning in itself? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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