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Signs You're a Parent Raised in the '90s

9 Signs You're a Parent Born and Raised in the '90s

Sure, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are cool, but do your kids recognize the glory that is the Spice Girls? What about TLC? We're pretty sure that those power girl groups were way cooler than today's artists.

If you'd rather wear the British flag across your chest and stripe your hair with huge chunks of blond highlights (but only in the front) than "Roar" like Katy Perry, you know you're a parent born and raised in the '90s!

Not sold yet? Here are nine other signs you were totally a '90s kid.

1. You think Kurt Cobain is way cooler than the singers of today.

Bruno Mars is funky like the great purple predecessor, Prince, and Justin Timberlake is a solid talent above Mars (in my opinion), but do these gentlemen have the fandom and intensity of the grunge-era men such as Eddie Vedder and the late Kurt Cobain? I think not! You know you're a parent raised in the '90s when you tell your kids their music is too light and fluffy and ask them how they feel about the "establishment." Unfortunately, your kids are too young and don't understand about the great big establishment . . . yet.

You might wear flannel and you definitely believe in the superpowers of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains.

2. You know the Powerpuff Girls were psycho, but they were the definition of "girl power."

People talk about girl power, especially with the recent nomination of Hillary Clinton as Democratic presidential candidate, but what do kids know about girl power anyway, if they're not intimately familiar with the wild and wacky Powerpuff Girls?

3. You firmly believe your Cavariccis kick today's jumpers' butts.

To all of our teen girls running to buy jumpers at H&M and Charlotte Russe, you have no idea what you are missing. You want to break out your old Cavariccis or your denim overalls — remember that stage, complete with the added "pacifier" accessory? More about that in a second.

Your styles were doper than the styles of today and you tell your kids using those exact words . . .

You then pull out these outfits and showcase dances like the Running Man.

4. You had your own binky.

Junior loves his paci, but you remember when it was A-OK for you to rock one in your mouth also. Of course, this fashion fad is a huge embarrassment and we'd rather not talk about it right now, m'kay?

If you ever find yourself fondly touching your kid's paci, you know you're a parent born and raised in the '90s.

5. Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em is still present in your everyday life.

Your children know Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, but you find it sad that they don't know why you keep laughing every time they touch something and you say, "Can't touch this."

When your kid has to leave the park in two minutes, you do the "2" symbol with your fingers exactly like MC Hammer did in his "2 Legit 2 Quit" video.

You also refuse to write out the number two as a word and instead use "2" just like the Hammer did.

6. You know you have better sources of comedic relief than your kids do.

Kids can surf YouTube, but we had South Park. Crass and politically incorrect, everyone had a turn getting made fun of. You feel bad that your kids don't know who Cartman is but at the same time, you're glad they don't know who Cartman is.

Let's not forget the Simpsons, whose reign was most popular mid-'90s!

7. While they're rocking stiletto nails, you're reminiscing about dark lip liner.

If your tween asks for stiletto-shaped nails and you want to cringe, just remember how you used to rock beige lipstick with dark poop-brown lip liner ringed around your lips. That was a sexy look, right?



Whenever you go to criticize your tween/teen's makeup or fashion choices, a part of you dies inside knowing you can't show her any photos of you from 1991 to 1997.

8. Ooooooohhh . . . On the TLC Tip used to play on repeat in your Walkman.

Music was fun. TLC. Spice Girls. Destiny's Child. Our groups sung about safe sex and empowering women to not date deadbeats. We knew music. Our kids simply don't know happiness unless they've had the joy of watching Spice World. You decide to turn it on one day when your kids are nagging you and notice that your kids stop bothering you right away (no one can resist Spice World).

9. Your kid loves their iPhone, but it doesn't hold a candle to your old beeper.

Your kid is so thrilled at his new phone, but he has no idea the pleasure that stems from having your pager go off so you look, like, super cool. Especially if the person paged you with a secret message or word. Yeah, there's nothing like the feeling of heavy plastic attached to your baggy, baggy jeans.

Image Source: Flickr user lix
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