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Skateboard Dad Kicks Son Off Ramp

Did This Dad Take Tough-Love Parenting Too Far?

One Florida father has some serious explaining to do after a video of him kicking his 6-year-old off the edge of a skateboarding ramp at a local skate park went viral — and has many outraged. According to reports, the dad claims he did it to teach his budding skateboarder a lesson: "He said 'because he needs to learn.'"

Unfortunately, it appears to be another case of parents taking their kids' extracurricular activities way too seriously and pushing their children too far (though in this case, it was literal). The Florida Department of Children and Families has been notified and will take further action if it sees fit.

The boy is physically fine after the fall, but simply watching it breaks my mama-bear heart. I'm all for teaching lessons, and sometimes those lessons do need to be tough, but in my opinion, this is taking it way too far. What do you think?

Source: Instagram user lilbubs; Front Page

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