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Spicy Sour Patch Kids

This Is Not a Drill: Spicy Sour Patch Kids Are Hitting Shelves Soon!

Sour Patch Kids just got a spicy upgrade! New Fire Sour Patch Kids will be hitting store shelves soon, according to Instagram user candyhunting, who got a preview of the exciting candy at a recent retail expo. The eye-catching packaging makes it clear that the traditionally sweet and sour candy isn't for wimps, indicated by the flames in the background and the smoke coming from one of the gummy's ears. "At first, they taste like normal Sour Patch Kids, but then there's a tiny kick of heat in the aftertaste," the Instagram caption reads. If you love all things spicy — especially hot candy like Sweet Heat Skittles — then you'll want to look for these ASAP. Earlier this year, tropical Sour Patch Kids were released, and the piña colada-like candy offers a mellow alternative if you don't think you can handle the heat.

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