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Stranger Befriends Child at an Airport

This Stranger Befriended a Little Girl at the Airport, and It's the Sweetest Thing Ever

Kevin Armentrout, a writer and motivational speaker, was nervous about bringing his 16-month-old daughter Carter to the airport for the usual reasons: toddlers have a habit of getting into people's things and not everyone loves kids. But while waiting at the gate to board his flight to San Diego, a kind stranger named Joseph offered the empty seat next to him to Carter, and to say they hit it off is an understatement. Kevin shared what happened next in a moving post on Facebook, and we seriously can't stop smiling.

"Last night, while waiting to board our plane, Carter Jean was being her usual inquisitive self wanting to meet and say 'Hi' to everyone she could, until she walked up on this man," wrote Kevin. "He reached out and asked if she wanted to sit with him. He pulled out his tablet and showed her how to draw with it, they watched cartoons together, and she offered him snacks. This wasn't a short little exchange, this was 45 minutes. Watching them in that moment, I couldn't help but think, different genders, different races, different generations, and the best of friends. This is the world I want for her."

For Kevin, watching his daughter make friends with an unsuspecting man put things in perspective. "In a country that is continuously fed that it's so deeply divided by beliefs, I want her life to be filled with moments like this . . . not liberal or conservative republican or democrat, socialist or capitalist, just HUMAN," he said.

Now Kevin is taking the time to thank the man who made his daughter's day. "Joseph . . . Thank you for showing my daughter what kindness and compassion look like. Continue to shine your light in the world."

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