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Target Gets Rid of Kid-Sized Shopping Carts After Complaints

Are Those Kiddie Shopping Carts at Target Really "Vehicles of Mass Destruction?"

When it comes to making its shoppers happy, Target gets a lot right. Remember when their refreshingly progressive policy on breastfeeding went viral? Or, we bet you can recall the day you found out the stores give free cookies and fruit to kids while you shop? The retail chain is so beloved by families that a boy even celebrated his birthday party there!

But, when Target gets something wrong, well, leave it to those same moms to call them out on it. En masse.

That's what happened when Target introduced miniature shopping carts for children in its stores nationwide in August to the horror of parents and non-parents alike.

What's so terrible about giving kids β€” who likely could use something to keep occupied β€” a pint-sized shopping cart?

To one mom, who started an unofficial organization called MASTC, or "Mothers Against Stupid Tiny Carts," the carts were tantamount to "vehicles of mass destruction." She admitted that for the first 10 seconds, watching her child push the small red cart was "the cutest thing I have ever seen," but it soon devolved into an epic battle that included being rammed in the shin multiple times, apologizing when her child would collide with someone else's cart (or ankle), and having to deal with the ensuing tantrum when she refused to purchase any of the toys he put into his little cart.

And she wasn't alone:

Following such complaints, the retailer pulled the plug on the pilot program just a few weeks after the "kiddie carts" were introduced to 72 Target locations.

"At Target, our guests are at the center of everything we do, and we value their feedback," Kristy Welker, a Target spokesperson, said in a statement. "After reviewing guest feedback, we have made the decision to stop the test."

So, now that the powers that be have relegated all those once-adorable mini-carts to back rooms and storage closets, is all right in the Target world? Not quite . . .

Where do you stand on this heated debate? Are kid-sized shopping carts truly the root of all retail evil, or are a few bruises to the leg a small price to pay so your kid can pretend to run errands while they still think it's fun?

What Do You Think of Kiddie Shopping Carts?
Hate them and am glad they're gone for good!
Loved those – it's a shame they got rid of them.
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