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Things About 4-Year-Olds

35 Things That Are Completely True About 4-Year-Olds

Four-year-olds are kind of the best — the terrible twos are long gone and the threenager stage has (hopefully) completely passed — they still look a bit like a toddler, but act more like an older kid. Four is truly the best of both worlds, and it's when you start to realize that you're raising a little boy or girl, not a baby (bittersweet, but great all the same).

If you have a 4-year-old, these are 35 things you know to be true about them.

  1. They know how to use your phone better than you.
  2. And the tablet.
  3. And the universal TV remote that took you a year to master.
  4. They watch YouTube videos of other kids playing with toys more than they play with toys themselves.
  5. They like eating with the blue fork.
  6. Until next week, when they can't believe you gave them the blue fork instead of the red one.
  7. They dress themselves.
  8. Until you tell them they can't wear their Spider-Man costume to school.
  9. And then they magically forget how to put their own clothes on.
  10. They can hold a conversation with you now.
  11. But you better be ready to talk exclusively about superheroes and Disney Junior.
  12. They understand your daily routine better now.
  13. But still have to be asked 40 times to put their shoes on before school.
  14. And will claim every single time that they don't know where the shoes sitting right in front of them are.
  15. They have a longer attention span.
  16. But only for watching videos on the internet.
  17. They are spelling their own name.
  18. Even writing it.
  19. They're probably curious about a whole bunch of words.
  20. And asking what things like S-H-I-T spell because they heard you use the letters in conversation.
  21. They are starting to become a bit more adventurous with food.
  22. Unless they don't like the way something looks.
  23. Which is apparently most foods.
  24. Except chocolate, obviously.
  25. They're better at sharing and playing cooperatively.
  26. Unless they were playing with Batman first and their friend wants to take a turn.
  27. They teeter on the line between the little toddler they just stopped fully being and the angsty teenager that you thought wasn't going to appear for another 10 years.
  28. They can "do it themselves."
  29. Until "it" is brushing their teeth before bed or something equally as boring.
  30. They are helping around the house more.
  31. And ask you if you appreciate things they did for you, like putting their Legos in the washing machine.
  32. They don't need you to play with them anymore.
  33. But still want you to watch them no matter what they're doing.
  34. They seem like they're growing up as fast as can be.
  35. Until they do something — like snuggle in bed with you on a Saturday morning — that reminds you they'll be your baby forever, no matter how old they get.
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