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Toddler's Complaints About Starbucks Red Cups

Why This Toddler Has the Best Reaction to the Starbucks Holiday Cup

He's just not happy.

Posted by The Rambling Redhead on Thursday, November 12, 2015

While toddlers aren't necessarily Starbucks's targeted clientele, if everyone else is going to get angry about their holiday cups, so are they!

Even though many Starbucks patrons have expressed conflicted emotions over their excitement for seasonal drinks vs. their disappointment with their less than spirited cups, this might be the first time a toddler has lodged a complaint — not because of the cup's minimalistic design, but because it's not his favorite color or dinosaur — how rude! Added to the list of complaints: this outrageous cup tastes like cardboard, it doesn't shatter into fun pieces when you drop it, and it doesn't come with a chewable straw. With points like that, it's almost a Christmas miracle that everyone didn't take offense sooner!

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