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Twin Sisters Deliver Sons on the Same Exact Day

Twin Sisters Give Birth to Boys on the Same Day With 4 in 100,000 Odds

A pair of 32-year-old twin sisters from New Jersey have upped the twinning game by giving birth to sons on the same exact day, just hours apart, one room over from the other. Danielle Grant and Kim Abraham didn't plan on getting pregnant at the same time, but ended up with identical April 22 due dates anyway. When they both went over that date, they decided to be induced on the same day and delivered their boys, Aaron and Roman, less than three hours apart.

The odds of twin sisters giving birth on the same day are reported by an associate mathematics professor at Brookdale Community College to be about 8 in 100,000, but the fact that Grant and Abraham both had boys means they beat the approximate 4 in 100,000 odds of that particular occurrence as well. "Every single person has been like, 'no way!'" Abraham told the Asbury Park Press. "Even the nurses coming in for their shifts were like, 'We've got to meet the twins.'"

The sisters, who were born a minute apart themselves said that every coincidence during the process (aside from choosing the same induction date) one-upped itself. "It's the best thing in the world," said Abraham. "We're real close and our husbands are real close. The boys will be like brothers." She added, referring to the boys being hours apart rather than minutes, "Listen, if I could have gone four hours earlier, I definitely would have done that."

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