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Uncles According to Zodiac Signs

Are You the Fun One? What Your Sign Says About You as an Uncle

Everyone wants to be the fun uncle (or aunt) in the family. In addition to being the one all your nieces and nephews run to first, you want to make all the funny jokes, take them to the best movies, and always let them sneak some candy when their parents aren't looking. But did you know that how you are as an uncle is a direct result of your own birthday? Yep, our personalities are hugely connected to our signs. To see if you're more laid-back, playful, or creative, keep reading to see uncles according to each sign (and don't worry, they're all pretty cool).

  1. Capricorn — This may not be the most playful sign, so don't expect this uncle to sit down for tea parties or pretend to ride on a magical carpet, but when it comes to making the most of experiences, the Capricorn uncle is where it is at. This sign is loyal and constant, favoring real events that work towards a goal. This uncle will take kids to museums and ball games, help build a playhouse, and will even help with homework.
  2. Aquarius — This sign may be a bit of a party animal, but as an uncle, you'll appreciate their independent ways. Encouraging children to think creatively, this uncle definitely colors outside the lines. Even though you might night see him too often, when he's there, children will adore playing with their fun uncle.
  3. Pisces — Don't let the quietness of the Pisces uncle fool you — he is taking it all in and appreciating every moment! While he might not outwardly express everything, it's important to remember to include him in things, because he'll be the one the kids turn to when they want a serious conversation.
  4. Aries — This strong sign likes confrontation and being the center of attention, making them the ideal uncle for children who also like the spotlight. He can be the uncle that encourages big gestures, like playing sports or doing plays, and appreciates when he can be the instructor.
  5. Taurus — This is the most resilient sign, being the stubborn bull that they are. As an uncle, they'll help the kids master difficult tasks and take pride in their accomplishments. While others may see them spending hours playing with blocks, the Taurus uncle is actually doing that to convince kids to try harder and do better.
  6. Gemini — Wow, the Gemini uncle sure is a charmer. It's not just the kids that love him unconditionally, but every other mom at the playground too. Keep an eye on this one, otherwise he'll start showing up to all the play dates and stealing your cherished mom friends.
  7. Cancer — The Cancer uncle can be your greatest gift or your worst nightmare, depending on how you look at it. This is one of the greatest family signs, and if they don't have a family of their own, they'll be over a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. Set boundaries early, otherwise you might just get a Full House situation happening.
  8. Leo — Playful and stubborn, the Leo uncle is a confident leader who is eager to help, even if it's slightly dangerous. If your kids are going to jump off the bridge because someone told them to, it will likely be with their Leo uncle by their side cheering them on.
  9. Virgo — Need an uncle to get your kid into the best preschool around? Look no further than the Virgo. Smart and resilient with a go-getter attitude, this sign will do anything for their family. Their natural planning abilities are also great for family trips, so enjoy this sign.
  10. Libra — Libras like to keep it pretty classy, so don't expect the Libra uncle to invite your kids over too often. Instead, they embrace being at museums, or volunteering their time to make the world a better place. When the kids are old, don't be surprised if the Libra uncle has dragged them to a protest.
  11. Scorpio — Do not bring a Scorpio uncle to your child's ball game because, boy, are you in for some screaming. This sign sure has a way of stinging, and since they care so passionately about their family, it's natural for them to get loud at an unfair call by an umpire.
  12. Sagittarius — This uncle is the kind that has a million friends, which is great from a mom's perspective. Need a balloon artist at your kid's birthday party? He's your guy. Tutor for homework? Yep, he knows someone too. Optimistic and always happy to help, this uncle is a great one to have around.
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