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Video of Amy Schumer Putting Socks on While Pregnant

Leave It to Amy Schumer to Demonstrate Putting on Socks While Pregnant in the Most Hilarious Way

Pregnancy can make seemingly normal activities exponentially harder. Time to shave your legs? Hah, have fun trying to reach your calves. Dropped something on the ground? Yikes, good luck bending down to pick it up. Need to put on a pair of socks? Welp, that could take all day, but not in Amy Schumer's world. The 37-year-old mom-to-be, who is expected to welcome her first child this Spring, recently shared her "easy" step-by-step method for putting on socks while pregnant, and it's too damn real.

"If you're pregnant like I am and you want to put your socks on, it's easy," the actress begins the mockingly infomercial-style video. "First, the left foot . . . OK, a little discomfort, but not really a problem," she says while slipping on a black and gray sock. Then she moves on to the right foot, which ends up being just a bit more difficult. "It's easy!" she gleefully insists. "You put your toe in . . . and then you try it from behind. You hook your toe, and then you just kind of slowly will the sock up your foot while visibly struggling," Amy said while visibly struggling before finally securing her foot in the sock.

As soon as she shared the hysterically relatable clip on Instagram, comments from her mama followers flooded in. "[Thank you] for being real and for talking about pregnancy in such a candid, real af, & humorous way," one woman wrote. Others reminisced on their own pregnancies, writing, "God damnit I remember this well" and "That was my husband's job from 30 weeks on." Heck, even women who aren't pregnant chimed in on the comments saying how much her video resonated. "What's sad is that I do that now and I'm not pregnant," one Instagram user wrote. Honestly, same. Bless you, Amy, for keeping it real throughout your pregnancy.

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