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Video of Boy With Down Syndrome Asking Girl to Homecoming

This Heartwarming Video Of 1 Girl Being Asked to Homecoming Will Leave You in Tears

After meeting in their school's special needs program, Emily and Jake have been dating since last year. But with Homecoming approaching, Jake wanted to come up with a meaningful way to ask Emily to the dance.

Inspired by her love of sweets, Jake surprised Emily with a cookie cake and bouquet of balloons. The shocked teen was sitting in the school cafeteria when Jake approached, and a crowd of students erupted in cheers as Emily tearfully (and enthusiastically!) said yes.

Despite asking Emily the big question in front of an estimated several hundred people, nobody was surprised by Jake's brave public display — least of all his parents. "Jacob is probably the most outgoing kid I know," Jake's dad, Tom Martin, told BuzzFeed. "My wife and I don't know what to do without him. He's taught us a lot about how to act towards people."

Jake's thoughtful gesture was met with Emily's memorable reaction and the resulting video is too sweet not to be shared.

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