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Video of Dad Finding Out He's Having Triplets

This Man's Reaction to News He's Having Triplets Is Basically the Definition of Optimism

I've got two kids already, so I imagine if I were to approach my husband after an ultrasound that confirmed I was not only pregnant again but also having triplets . . . well, let's just say it wouldn't be well-received news at first.

So when I saw there was a video of a woman in a similar position surprising her husband with the news that they'll be adding three more babies to the family, I had to watch for his potential expletive-filled panic attack. You know, as all adult humans in a similar position would react.

But when soon-to-be mom-of-five Stephanie Valas secretly recorded her husband at work as he looked at the ultrasound images, I was shocked at his amazingly sweet reaction. Sure, it took him a moment to realize what "Baby A," "Baby B," and "Baby C" meant, but when it clicked, a smile instantly began growing on his face.

"We're having three babies?! Are you serious? One, two, three?! Three?! Are you serious?!" he said through laughter. But then, upon noticing his wife crying, he said what is the absolute best thing to say to a stressed-out mama carrying triplets: "Why is that bad? That's amazing!"

This eternally optimistic dad only had two urgent questions — "Are they healthy? Is everything as it should be?" — before he continued making Stephanie feel better: "You're amazing, that's great. Babe, this is good. I'm happy!"

Sure, he let out a "holy f*ck" midway through their conversation and correctly noted that "we're going to need a bigger house," but all in all, I'd say this dad's reaction is as good as it gets. And I feel like I am fully qualified in saying that.

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