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Weird Tricks Parents Use to Get Kids to Fall Asleep

11 Creative Things Desperate Parents Have Done to Get Their Kids to Fall Asleep

It only takes a few sleepless nights before parents become pretty desperate to get their kiddos to fall asleep (and stay asleep!) for the night. Whether it's getting newborns to make it through a long stretch without stirring or figuring out how to prevent their toddlers from constantly popping out of bed, moms and dads sometimes have to get creative to get what they want: a few hours of rest. When more conventional methods like a long drive in the car or running a hairdryer failed, these 11 parents shared on Facebook their nontraditional tricks to getting their tots to snooze.

  1. "We told our daughters that there were furniture-stealing fairies and if they looked in the window and saw that they weren't in their beds, they'd come in and steal the beds. It worked for a few months." — Maggie Kirkvold
  2. "Since she always missed her three favorite kid programs, I'd watch them and then tell her about each episode. If I forgot or couldn't watch, I'd make one up." — Ary Vargas
  3. "My [baby] will only go to sleep with out messing about if our dog goes to bed with her they will stay cuddled up most of the night." — Anne Marie Cunniffe
  4. "There are nighttime monsters that only come out when the lights are off in the house ... Lie complete with playing YouTube videos of monster sounds." — Jill Fuller 
  5. "I have to lay on my bed so my 2-year-old thinks mummy's in bed as well." — Hayley Batters
  6. "[I] warm large towels in the dryer and then tuck them in their beds. They fall asleep quick when toasty!" — Jill Mooney
  7. "Strapped to my back in a back frame carrier, mowing on my ATV. It worked every time." — Kari Stevens
  8. "My son slept in his carrier car seat when he was a baby. He slept almost 10 hours a night. " — Francesca Battaglia Dobrev
  9. "With my younger son, I 'race' him to sleep. We have a race to see who can go to sleep first. Usually, he wins!" — Hali Marin
  10. "I used to have to massage my daughter's feet to get her to go to sleep." — Scarlet N Joe
  11. "Massage her nostrils!" — Jennifer Renee
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