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What Babies Would Look Like If They Had Teeth Photo Series

This Photographer Photoshopped Full Sets of Teeth on Newborns, and LOL, Yikes

What Babies Would Look Like If They Had Teeth Photo Series

Ever wonder what sweet little babies with their gummy smiles would look like if they had full sets of teeth from birth? No, neither have we . . . that is, until photographer Amy Haehl of Coffee Creek Studio photoshopped some of her cutest and tiniest newborn photography clients with mouths full of teeth.

"I chose to do this because I love to put content out there that makes people laugh and smile," Amy told POPSUGAR. "Sometimes it's easy to only see politics, negativity, and violence in the world, and I love to help people see through that as much as I can. I'm a nurse and laughter really is the best medicine!" She added, of how she actually went about starting this hysterical project: "It took some time to find the perfect images, but I wanted to make sure that some of them would be extra-funny and some look almost natural for a nice variety. I think overall the reaction is laughter, but then a quick realization that this is why babies aren't born with a full set of teeth! They are definitely perfectly beautiful without them."

Hard agree, Amy! Scroll through to see all of the hilarious — and honestly, kind of jarring — newborn photos Amy photoshopped.

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