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What Is the Pregnancy Glow?

This Is Why Women Really Get That Pregnancy Glow

When I was pregnant, I heard it all the time: "You're glowing!"

It was a common greeting I'd receive, one that I took as a supreme compliment. Truth be told, I think many people said it because it's become just one of those things you say to pregnant women, akin with "you're about to pop!" and the less appreciated "are you sure you aren't having twins?"

There had to be some truth to the statement, however, because sometimes I'd look in the mirror and notice the glow myself. Sure, it was summertime, but my skin looked dewier. Some days, it was as if I was blushing.

Could my pregnancy glow really just be because I was so happy to be having a baby? Nope, not at all, it turns out.

"In pregnancy, blood volume naturally increases and there is also a natural dilation of blood vessels . . . to maintain proper blood flow to the placenta," gynecologist Dr. Felice Gersh told Hello Giggles. "These effects cause increased blood flow to the skin, and in particular of the face, giving it a lovely, healthy glow."

Hormonal changes have also been known to contribute to this glow, which doesn't show up in all pregnant women because of differing skin types, color, and thickness.

If you don't notice a pregnancy glow, don't feel too upset.

"As a matter of fact, you might count yourself lucky," Dr. Sara Gaspard, a dermatologist, said in the same interview. "Some women who do experience pregnancy glow find that their bodies overreact, and the higher oil production triggers acne flares."

Plus, pimples or not, people will probably tell you you're glowing anyway.

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