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When Is Kim Kardashian's Fourth Baby Due?

Kim and Kanye Are Expecting Another Baby in 2019 — and We Already Know Which Month!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are adding another little one to the family! The couple is expecting their fourth child via gestational carrier in early May, according to Us Weekly.

Kim and Kanye are already parents to 5-year-old North, 3-year-old Saint, and Chicago, who turns 1 on Jan. 15. Their fourth, which sources have confirmed is a boy, will be their second to be delivered via gestational carrier. After Kim experienced traumatic births with both North and Saint, the couple decided surrogacy was the best option for them moving forward.

"Although I have used the term surrogate in the past, a gestational carrier is actually the technical term for a woman who carries a baby that she has no biological relationship to. A traditional surrogate donates her egg, is artificially inseminated with the father's sperm, and then carries the baby to term. Since we implanted my fertilized egg in our gestational carrier, our baby is biologically mine and Kanye's," Kim wrote on her website in 2018.

Congrats, Kardashian-West family — we can't wait to meet this little babe in May!

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