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Whitney Port's Video on Mom Bullies

Whitney Port's "You Hurt My Feelings" PSA Should Be Watched by Parents Everywhere

Even Whitney PortThe Hills alum and mom to a sweet 1-year-old son, Sonnyisn't safe from some of the mom bullies out there. In a heartbreaking Instagram video, she confessed through tears how negative interactions can get to women, even if they don't want them to. After saying she knows it's "so silly" to be mean to others when you can just be nice, she described how crummy she felt after an awkward encounter with another woman. And unfortunately, most moms will probably be able to relate.

"On Tuesday, in one of my Instagram Stories, I mentioned I was crying the day before and I'd tell you why," she captioned the video. "Well, here goes. Monday morning I went to an amazing event with a bunch of new moms. I didn't know many of the women there so I forced myself out of my comfort zone and approached different women I slightly knew to chat. The response I got was, well, surprising to say the least. Especially at an event like this. But it taught me a lot and I wanted to share it all with you because maybe you have dealt with similar people and similar feelings?! Click the link in my bio. to watch I LOVE MY BABY, BUT...Mom Bullies Can F Off!"

At the end of the video, she told her husband — the male voice in the video — that she hopes to be more confident in these situations in the future. The clip is an important reminder that it always pays to be kind.

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