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Winter Baby Names

Winter Baby Names So Beautiful, You'll Get the Chills

Expecting a baby in the midst of Winter? Try a seasonally inspired name! While many of the best monikers are inspired by the cold-weather season, they're not just appropriate for Winter — these gorgeous names will take your breath away during any time of the year. From snowy mountain ranges to the warmth of holiday cheer, here are baby names inspired by the very best aspects of Winter.

Winter Names Inspired by Locations

Whether you're inspired by annual ski trips or snowy hikes, there are plenty of beautiful Winter names that you can gather from cold-weather locations. Some of these travel-inspired names include Vail, Alpine, Tahoe, Aspen, Truckee, Sierra, Alaska, Rainier, Juneau, Whitney, Kodiak, and Elias, all of which are associated with mountainous locations that thrive in the snow.

Winter Names Inspired by the Holidays

From Hanukkah and Christmas all the way until Valentine's Day, there are many Winter holidays worthy of a seasonal name. If you love the joyful feeling of the season, try one of these festive names: Noel, Holly, Jack, Nicholas, Tinsel, Elsa, Solstice, Valentine, Carol, Joy, Merry, Rudolph, Wonder, Vixen, Star, Bethel, Donner, Bell, or Dasher.


Winter Names Inspired by Seasonal Plants

Evergreen trees that stand out in the snow, Winter-blooming flowers, and cold-weather herbs all make for stunning baby names, so why not try a unique name inspired by seasonal flora for your own child? Ivy, Freesia, Primrose, Hazel, Rosemary, Alder, Clove, Spruce, Jelena, Pine, Ash, Daphne, Ginger, Cypress, Pansy, and Sequoia are all great options inspired by Winter plants.

Winter Names Inspired by Weather

If you're not afraid of cold weather, try giving your baby a name inspired by the cold temperatures of their birth season! Unique monikers like Crystal, Gale, Snow, Frost, Storm, and Misty are all good options.

Winter Names Inspired by the Calendar

Many of the other great Winter names are inspired by the enchanting time of year. Try January or Winter for your baby, or give your child a name inspired by Winter month birthstones, such as Turquoise, Amethyst, or Garnet.

Photo by Christine Choi Photography via Style Me Pretty

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