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Woman Cuts Food For Breastfeeding Mom

This Woman Who Cut a Nursing Mom's Food For Her Proves That Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Just wanted to share this really sweet moment I had this morning. Today was the first time I went out for breakfast...

Posted by Briar McQueen on Monday, May 30, 2016

Once you become a mother, you unfortunately get accustomed to eating your once-hot meals completely cold a majority of the time. Though there are a number of reasons as to why a mom's food might sit idly for longer than expected, for Briar Lusia Mcqueen it was that her little one wanted to nurse as soon as the restaurant she was at brought over her breakfast. As any mama would do, Mcqueen immediately put the needs of her 8-week-old son, Jaxon, first, and left her food sitting on the table. Enter the sweetest woman in the world, who, rather than telling Mcqueen to cover up, came over and began cutting up her breakfast for her so it wouldn't get cold.

Not all heroes wear capes . . .

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