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Woman Discovers She Has a 50-Year-Old Fetus in Abdomen

Woman Discovers She Has a 50-Year-Old Fetus Inside Her

Let this sink in for a moment: a 92-year-old Chilean woman has a 50-year-old fetus inside her. The BBC reports that doctors discovered the calcified fetus — weighing in at 4.4 pounds — in the woman's abdomen after doing some routine X-rays following a fall.

The rare phenomenon, known as a lithopedion, occurs when a fetus dies during pregnancy and then remains outside the uterus, with the woman often unaware of its presence until decades later. The patient has been sent home, and doctors believe it is unlikely they will remove the well-developed fetus, given her age and the risks associated with such a surgery. Might this be the world's oldest fetus of all time?!

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