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Woman Gives Birth to 13-Pound Baby

Could This Be the Biggest Baby of the Year?

When Alisha Hernandez went into labor this week, she got a big surprise — literally. On Monday, the Colorado mother of four gave birth to a baby girl named Mia, who tipped the scales at 13 pounds, 13 ounces. Hernandez and her partner, Francisco Garcia, were shocked by their child's size, saying they didn't expect such a high weight, even after seeing her.

"We thought it was going to be 11 or 12 pounds at the most," Garcia told a local news outlet, adding that the combined birth weight of his twin daughters was less than Mia's alone. Shortly after her arrival, Mia was flown to Children's Hospital in Aurora, CO, due to respiratory difficulty and low glucose levels. Garcia reported that she is stable and he hopes to bring her home by next week.

Unfortunately, Mia's above-average birth weight won't be breaking any records for 2014. In February, a woman in California delivered a baby that weighed 15 pounds, two ounces.

Source: Children's Hospital Colorado; Front Page

Image Source: Shutterstock
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