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Ad Council's Teen Adoption "Mailbox" Video PSA

This PSA Featuring a Teenage Girl and a Mailbox Will Make You Realize the Impact of Adoption

One of the hard truths about the adoption process is that teens are often overlooked as worthy additions to growing families — which is why they have far lower adoption rates than younger children do. In fact, more than 122,000 youth are still waiting for their forever homes.

Now in its 16th year, the Ad Council's Adoption From Foster Care initiative has contributed to the more than 870,000 children who have been adopted from the US foster care system since 2004, and its latest campaign aims to grow that number even more.

In a heartwarming PSA, a woman named Amy prepares for the arrival of a teenager, Addie, to her home. In the beginning of the clip, Amy is seen painting her last name onto her mailbox. As time passes and the two bond, Addie hits the mailbox while practicing backing the car out of the driveway. At the end, Addie paints a few additions to the slightly bent mailbox, and the reveal is truly inspiring.

"No matter our age, we never outgrow the need for a loving and supportive family," the video's caption reads. "This PSA showcases that adopting a teen can make a huge difference in their life — and yours."

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