Tag Yourself in Amy Schumer's Cluttered, Post-Child-Care Kitchen — I'm the Orange Peels

How's Amy Schumer handling life at home without child care, you ask? Direct your attention to her kitchen for the answer. The comedian, whose beloved nanny, Jane, stopped caring for baby Gene last month, shared an update on the current state of her household, and it looks . . . quite chaotic, to say the least.

"We're actually doing really well."

In a highly relatable Instagram video shot inside her cluttered kitchen, Amy says, "Actually, we were worried not having child care, but we're actually doing really well, and I think we're a lot more capable of a lot more than we realized we were." Meanwhile, her husband, Chris Fischer, pans the camera around to show off their messy countertops while letting out an audible chuckle. Holding back both tears and laughter, Amy adds, "All this help we'd grown accustomed to, we don't need it!" Her delivery can only be likened to the "this is fine" meme — y'know, that one of the smiling dog sitting on a chair while surrounded by flames. Oh Amy, I feel for you.

Speaking of memes, I couldn't help but instantly think of the "tag yourself" meme upon watching Amy's kitchen video. Her counters are strewn with such a hodgepodge of random objects that, upon further examination, could actually represent the various stages of being stuck at home due to the pandemic. (What? Not everyone dissects Amy's Instagram posts like this at 11:57 p.m.?!) Which of the below items speaks to you the most?

  • Amy's tie-dye dress: Comfortable loungewear is the only thing getting you through the WFH slump.
  • The lone pacifier: The isolation fatigue is real and you just really miss your friends.
  • The pile of mini orange peels: WFH = eating snacks all day every day.
  • The ripe mango: You're feeling positive and just ready to get back out into the world.
  • The two bottles stacked on top of two pans: You've been struggling to balance things lately and don't know how much longer you can take it.
  • The mismatched baking sheets precariously stacked on top of the toaster that's situated on top of the microwave: You've mastered the art of balancing your new lifestyle and actually don't mind it one bit.
  • The crusty pot of rice(?): Your skincare routine is all out of sorts these days.
  • The other pot of unidentifiable food remnants: You're starting to question your sanity.
  • The not one, but two open bottles of Mountain Valley water: Your WFH setup always involves multiple drinks (usually water, coffee, and juice).
  • The vase of white flowers: Nature is the only thing keeping you sane right now.
  • The extremely clean microwave: You're thriving and living your best life despite Everything Going On™.
  • The open trashcan: You're struggling and don't care who knows it.

I, for one, deeply identify with the vase of flowers and the pile of orange peels, but whew, some days I'm undoubtedly that open trash can. And for all you clean microwaves out there, I deeply envy you.