Amy Schumer's Delirious Post-Egg-Retrieval Videos Show That Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh

In case you missed it, Amy Schumer recently revealed that she's in the midst of undergoing IVF in the hopes of one day having a second child with her husband, Chris Fischer. Despite welcoming her son, Gene, under a year ago on May 5, 2019, the stand-up comic is already thinking ahead about giving him a younger sibling and went through the egg-retrieval process shortly after sharing the beginning of her IVF journey. On Jan. 13, Amy shared two videos of herself after the procedure, and we're loving that her sense of humor is definitely intact and that she was willing to share these vulnerable moments with us all.

In the first clip she shared, she looks pretty out of it and asks Chris, who's filming, where her hat went. (Spoiler alert: there is no hat.) She asks, "Am I still wearing my hat?," to which Chris replies no. Looking absolutely confused, she asks, "Well, where did it go?," and obviously her husband can't keep from cracking up. He tells her she can put it back on, which seems to sit well with her.

Amy then shared a second video with the caption, "Let me be your life coach," complete with an egg emoji. In the clip, she starts mumbling in the future tense, saying: "We go to a bar. We sit at the bar, we get a couple drinks. We just have a blast today." Honestly, leave it to Amy to find humor in what's typically a very overwhelming and personal process. More power to this hilarious mama.