If You're in Need of Some Inspiration, Check Out This 3-Year-Old's Empowering Affirmations

Getting in the practice of daily affirmations can be incredibly empowering, as a certain toddler on TikTok is learning from a young age. Three-year-old Ariana Young is actually learning her ABCs through Darlyng & Co.'s flashcards, which incorporate letters with matching, inspiring phrases. Teach 'em young, right?

Ariana's mom, Thara, runs her TikTok account (with over 55,000 followers) and started posting her declarations on Jan. 17. The toddler's words of wisdom resulted in over one million views from people who needed the pick-me-up her clips provide. Clearly, these affirmations resonate no matter what your age is. Catch up on Ariana's confidence-boosting phrases in the videos below, and consider adding them into your own routine.