This TikToker Nails Her Impression of School Principals, Right Down to the Jangling Keychain

Like actors in a well-rehearsed play, teachers, principals, and students all have a role to play at school, and sometimes the scenes are so hilariously relatable that they still live rent-free in your mind a decade after you've graduated. For Ashley Nichole Elliott, aka ashleynichole958 on TikTok, those moments were so memorable that she had to share them online. "Grab all of your belongings," Ashley says in a video titled "When the Principal Comes to Pull Someone Out of Class," which now has over 2.5 million likes.

Ashley isn't a teacher herself, but she did closely study her own teachers' behavior growing up in hopes of becoming one someday. Down to the hand gestures, deja vu-worthy lines, and the enunciation of certain words, Ashley's impressions are so spot-on that we'd cast her as the middle school principal in a heartbeat. Unlike other TikTok skits, Ashley's videos don't end in a punchline. Instead, the humor lies in the painfully accurate scenes and the flawless delivery.

When she's not making hundreds of thousands of TikTok followers laugh, Ashley's favorite subject to study is The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But at the end of the day, her goal is to make viewers laugh, and the response has been delightfully overwhelming. "It's been crazy! I never in a million years would've thought that some of my videos would've went viral," she told POPSUGAR in an email. "People write me daily saying how they were having a bad day and I made it better by making them laugh (which is my ultimate goal)! It's also been a lot of kids telling me they wish I was their teacher, which is so cute to me! I'm very thankful for the platform TikTok has given me! To know I made someone's day is the highlight of MY day. I love all of my supporters!"

Check out some of our favorite videos from Ashley ahead, and prepare for a whirlwind of middle school flashbacks.

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