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Video of 2020 TikTok Teachers | I Kid You Not

To 2020's Heroic Teachers (And Their Viral TikToks): We're So Grateful!

Teachers in 2020 absolutely deserve every prize, merit, and amount of money we can possibly give them. The incredible levels of creativity and patience they call upon to wrangle unruly kids (virtually!) is inspiring to witness. These three teachers are radiating positivity on their TikToks, where they each share their unique takes on keeping their classes interested during these challenging times.

Sure sometimes the kids might need an extra push or a reminder to unmute themselves, but at the end of the day, it's all worth it when you can impart important life lessons onto young minds through the computer screen (while some of their caregivers work on a different computer screen in the next room). Here's to these selfless, heroic 2020 icons — we're so grateful for teachers!

Thanks to Ms. Franklin (@missfranklinsfirsties), Ms. Miller (@shelbyolive), and Ms. Luise (@sassyin2nd, who we also did an entire separate video on) for bringing joy to kids and adults alike!

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