Ashley Graham Doesn't Care About Her Pregnancy Weight Gain: "I Have Never Felt Better"

Ashley Graham is almost ready to give birth to her son with husband Justin Ervin, and at eight months along, she's reflecting on her pregnancy so far. The 32-year-old model recently opened up to her Instagram followers about how her body has changed to accommodate her baby, and her thoughts are straight-up inspirational.

"Throughout my pregnancy so far I've gained 50lbs," Ashley revealed in a caption. "And the best part is, I don't care! I have never felt better, and I am so thankful that my body and son have allowed me to be as mobile and flexible as I have been."

She credited her smooth experience to an active lifestyle. "Between working out, yoga, acupuncture and lymphatic massages — I finally feel like I figured out this whole pregnancy thing and how to feel my best." Preach, Ashley! I have a feeling lots of people could benefit from this positive mindset.