A Baby Tried Ice Cream For the First Time, and Her Reaction Would Put Dessert-Lovers to Shame

Brittani Jernigan, a mom to a sweet 9-month-old daughter named Blakely, recently got more than she bargained for when she let her little one try ice cream for the first time. After taking a small bite of the sweet frozen treat, we see Blakely's eyes open wide in delight before she grabs the entire cone with her hands in the hopes of getting as much of the delicious ice cream into her mouth as possible. Pretty cute, right?

Apparently, the rest of the TikTok community thought so, too, because when Brittani shared the clip to the platform, it went viral, racking up more than 521,100 likes at press time. Watch the video until the end to witness what's sure to be a lifelong passion for dessert!