This Mom’s Reaction to Her Toddler Walking in on Her On-Air Weather Report Is Actually Hilarious

ABC7's morning meteorologist, Leslie Lopez, had a relatable work from home moment on Jan. 28 when her on-air report was interrupted by her son, Nolan. In a clip making its rounds on Twitter, Leslie can be seen in front of her report, sharing the southern California forecasts before breaking into a laugh.

"It looks like . . . there's a baby down below," Leslie says, before quickly going through the daily highs while Nolan clings to her leg. "He walks now, guys, so I've lost all control. OK, we'll be right back."

The adorable and highly relatable clip was shared by Leslie's colleague, Brandi Hitt, who tweeted: "Baby on the move! There is no stopping adorable Nolan now that he can walk during Mommy's (@abc7leslielopez) forecast." In a second tweet later in the day, Brandi wrote: "Wow! What an amazing response about this all-too-real moment that so many of us face right now, trying to work from home while also being there for our families. Thank you @abc7leslielopez for making us all smile . . . You are awesome!"

Leslie shared the same video on her own account, writing, "Mr. Friday made a surprise appearance this morning," and the responses to her tweet make it clear that Twitter users are loving the candid moment between mom and son — they're even asking for more Nolan moments in the future. Yes, please, we second this! See the full clip of Nolan crashing Leslie's weather forecast above.