Barack Obama Recalls the Funny Way He Kept Sasha and Malia From Becoming "Weird Kids"

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Barack Obama couldn't help but gush about his daughters during a Late Late Show appearance on Monday evening. While discussing his "pretty darn good" postpresidency life with host James Corden, the former POTUS reflected on the challenges Sasha and Malia faced while living in the White House and the pretty hilarious way he and Michelle kept them grounded throughout both of his terms in office.

Barack first acknowledged that growing up in the spotlight with little to no privacy likely means his girls won't end up pursuing a similar career path to his. "Them as teenagers having Secret Service guys follow them when they were going out on dates I think probably has shut down their interest in public service," he joked. "They still have PTSD from guys talking into their wrist microphones and glasses as they're trying to go to a music concert." He added that, as a father, he wants to protect his children from the "nonsense and silliness and meanness" that often come with being a government official, but if they did choose to run for office in the future, he would, of course, be "extraordinarily proud of them."

"That was a thing Michelle and I worried about most . . . are we gonna end up with weird kids?"

Through it all, Sasha and Malia matured into "exceptional," "smart," and "accomplished" young women, now 19 and 22 years old, respectively. "They're just kind people. They don't have an attitude," Barack said. "That was a thing Michelle and I worried about most . . . when we were talking about running is, are we gonna end up with weird kids? There are butlers in the White House. Who has butlers?" To ensure their daughters didn't let the high-profile lifestyle get to their heads, they had to make their own beds and wake themselves up in the morning just like regular ol' kids. Plus, Barack often fed them a dose of reality his mother-in-law would often remind them of.

He recalled, "I think one time they were acting out, and my mother-in-law looked at them and said, 'You guys realize you guys haven't done anything, right? Your parents have done some things. You guys have done nothing, so straighten up.'" Welp, that's certainly one way to do it! Watch the full interview above to hear what else Barack had to say about his daughters and life following his second term as president.