Disney+'s Be Our Chef Is the Family Cooking Show We've All Been Waiting For

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Now that we're all hunkered down with our squads for the foreseeable future, it's certainly wise to add a few kid-friendly shows to our queues. And one of our latest favorites? Disney+'s Be Our Chef, a family-centric cooking show with a magical Disney twist that budding chefs of all ages can enjoy.

Competing for an all-expenses-paid Disney cruise, five families battle it out by cooking up delicious meals and participating in challenges inspired by classic movies. And to make things official, professional chefs from various Disney resorts act as the judges.

Who Hosts Be Our Chef?

If the host of Be Our Chef looks familiar but you can't quite place her, it's because she's Angela Kinsey — aka Angela from The Office! You may also recognize her from sitcoms like Your Family or Mine and Haters Back Off.

What Is Be Our Chef About?

At its heart, Be Our Chef is a relaxed and heartwarming version of the adult competitive cooking shows you love, so don't expect to see stressful moments à la Chopped! Each family gets to spend a day in a Disney park before heading over to cook a meal inspired by a Disney movie, like Cinderella, Big Hero 6, or Mulan. And because families are cooking together, viewers get to see kids really take part in the entire cooking process.

How Many Episodes of Be Our Chef Are on Disney+?

As of April 14, there are three episodes on Disney+, and a new episode gets released every Friday!

Why Should Kids Watch Be Our Chef?

Aside from the Disney theme, kids will learn about different dishes, cooking techniques, and food facts, such as what actually makes a fruit, a fruit! Additionally, little ones get the opportunity to see families work together toward a common goal, and hey, we wouldn't mind an extra set of hands in the kitchen, right?