Tired of Cartoons? Here Are 16 of the Best Nonanimated Movies on Netflix

Having a family movie night is an enjoyable, relaxing way to spend the evening. The streaming platforms are full of fun animated options, but admittedly, those can get a little boring after a while (especially for some teenagers and adults!). If you're looking for a live-action family movie instead, we've got you! Here's 16 non-animated picks on Netflix you can watch right now — they're full of love, laughs, and adventure. From super-smart dogs to inspirational sports to a few badass female protagonists, you'll find the perfect fit for your family in the list ahead.

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Hotel For Dogs

Siblings Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) find themselves in a foster home that doesn't allow pets, but they don't want to lose their dog, Friday. They decide to turn an abandoned hotel into a place where Friday can stay, but as more dogs join and neighbors become suspicious, they must figure out a way to protect their dog hotel.

Watch Hotel For Dogs on Netflix.

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Yes Day

Based on a picture book, Yes Day is about what 24 hours would look like if parents said "yes" to their kids' every wish. Spoiler: It's a wild adventure!

Watch Yes Day on Netflix.

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Back of the Net

A hardworking American student has summer plans at the beach . . . but accidentally ends up spending her summer at an Australian soccer camp. Faced with personal and athletic rivals, she's determined to come out stronger on the other side.

Watch Back of the Net on Netflix.

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A compassionate stray dog provides emotional support and protection for two kids as they experience family struggles and dangerous situations. Even cat lovers fall in love with dogs at the end of this film!

Watch Benji on Netflix.

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Finding 'Ohana

Two siblings from Brooklyn reconnect with their Hawaiian heritage and family in this comedic adventure. As they spend the summer on O'ahu, they embark on a daring hunt for long-lost treasure.

Watch Finding 'Ohana on Netflix.

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Full Out 2: You Got This!

Based on a true story, Full Out 2: You Got This! is about a women's gymnastics team fighting to win the championship with the help of some hip-hop dancers. This movie is one of the options that's rated G, or TV-Y, so it's a great option for younger kids.

Watch Full Out 2: You Got This! on Netflix.

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Radio Rebel

In Radio Rebel, shy student Tara is secretly a DJ who speaks up for popular and unpopular kids. What an important message for kids (and even adults)!

Watch Radio Rebel on Netflix.

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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is an inspirational movie based on a true story. It's about a boy who saves his Malawian village by creating a wind turbine, all after being kicked out of school because his parents can't afford it.

Watch The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind on Netflix.

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The Sleepover

In The Sleepover, after their parents are kidnapped, two kids must become spies to save them. Along the way, they find out their mom is actually a part of the Witness Protection Program. If your family loves adventure movies, this is one to watch.

Watch The Sleepover on Netflix.

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Peter Pan has grown up in Hook, but he must return to Neverland to save his kids from Captain Hook. This movie is an ideal pick for families because it features actors and actresses parents know and love (like Robin Williams and Julia Roberts) and continues the beloved Peter Pan story for kids.

Watch Hook on Netflix.

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Just in Time

When a bookstore clerk suddenly loses her job, she has to take care of her cousin's clever teen daughter. This feel-good movie is filled with both funny and meaningful moments.

Watch Just in Time on Netflix.

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Families with older kids should check out Moxie, a feminist movie starring Amy Poehler. In this movie, a shy teenager named Vivian fights against the patriarchy with a zine she creates and shares anonymously at school. She gains confidence, especially through the help of her supportive friends, and helps ignite powerful change.

Watch Moxie on Netflix.

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Searching For Bobby Fischer

Josh, a 7-year-old, is a talented chess player who enjoys playing the game with a man named Vinnie at the park. However, when his parents hire Bruce as an official coach for Josh, Bruce disagrees with what Vinnie taught Josh, and Josh must decide for himself how he wants to play the game.

Watch Searching For Bobby Fischer on Netflix.

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Little Rascals

In this classic, Alfalfa has to go against all of his friends to stay with his sweetheard, Darla. But they kids soon realize that boys and girls aren't so different after all. '

Watch Little Rascals on Netflix.

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We Can Be Heroes

When alien invaders capture the Earth's superheroes, their kids must come to the rescue in this fun action adventure. Parents might even recognize a few heroes from their movies!

Watch We Can Be Heroes on Netflix.

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Hugo, an orphan, lives inside a train station. While there, he maintains the clocks and protects the automaton and notebook his father left him. However, upon realizing a mystery is behind the automaton, he goes on a journey to get answers and find a place he can comfortably call home.

Watch Hugo on Netflix.