A 13-Year-Old Wrote a Clever "Little Book" to Come Out to His Mom as Transgender

Mom Amanda Mancino-Williams is incredibly proud of her 13-year-old son Luca's candor. She recently took to Twitter to share the clever "little book" he made to express that he identifies as transgender.

"Got a note from my 13yo tonight, under the door, like they always did when there was something important to say," she wrote alongside a side-by-side photo of Luca's creation.

Amanda is thrilled that he felt comfortable enough to open up to her, and as evidenced by her tweet's 25,000 likes at press time, the internet is also loving it."I was at once delighted and relieved," Amanda told POPSUGAR. "I have always made it my goal to try to know my kids as best as I can. We communicate constantly and I had a feeling that he was getting closer and closer to being open about his true self. The booklet was the perfect balance of clever and sweet that I've come to know from him. I'm over the moon."

Scroll ahead to get a look at the sweet missive that was shared "to inspire others to be themselves."

After finding the note under the door, Amanda dove into her child's sweet project. "Dear Mum, I have created an extremely cringe crange little book to tell you something," Luca wrote.

"This is a daughter (dot-er)," he wrote. "This is a son (sun). I was originally expected to be an artist who specialized in pointillism, but I have decided that being a ball of gas suits me better."

Luca followed up his comparison with an explanation of the differences between him and the sun. First, he described himself: "Me. 99% oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, calcium, and phosphorus. Is a boy, does have a gender. .85% potassium, sulfur, sodium chloride, and magnesium." Then, he moved onto the sun: "8.9% helium, 91.0% hydrogen, not a boy, the sun doesn't have a gender."

The final pages of the book feature a written comparison of Luca to the sun, as well as a drawing of the sun on a conclusion page that shares his coming out as trans. Talk about an incredible delivery! It's no wonder Amanda felt compelled to share Luca's work on social media.