Excited Kid Hockey Player Is the Motivational Speaker We All Need Right Now

This might have been the greatest Mite of the Nite interview EVER. @AAAMidAtlantic pic.twitter.com/fKE8rmu7OU

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) October 17, 2019

There's something about seeing a child's sheer enthusiasm that instantly brings a smile to my face. And no one handles the spotlight quite like Jackson Friedlander, a young hockey player who is truly amped he put away two goals during his game in the first intermission of a Washington Capitals game.

In a now-viral video that took off in less than 24 hours on Twitter, a reporter for the Washington Capitals pulled Jackson aside for a quick chat to discuss his intermission performance, and as someone who classified himself as "kinda shy," I'm extremely impressed. Not only did Jackson explain that "hockey's not about winning it's always about fun," he also proclaimed that Alexander Ovechkin was his favorite player, a solid choice. But the most endearing part? When he launched into a much-needed segue about his pet tarantula. "I have a tarantula named Michael," he said. "He's a curly hair. He just had two crickets on Monday, one on Sunday. He has a big appetite."

Watch until the end to get the 411 on Jackson, who was clearly born to be in front of the camera.