This Little Boy Has the Sweetest Reaction to Receiving "Bad" Christmas Gifts

A little boy named Jet is seriously warming hearts on TikTok. In two videos that have taken off on the platform, we see Jet's incredibly gracious reaction to receiving "bad" gifts that his parents, Tre and Myley Johnson, wrapped up for him.

The couple captioned the clip, "always amazing us with his reactions 🥺," and we have to admit, Jet is one polite kiddo! Whether he's unwrapping a pinecone or an apple, the smile on his face is truly infectious. Judging by the fact that the video has amassed 1.7 million likes at press time, other parents certainly seem to agree.

The Johnsons had previously shared another TikTok featuring their oldest daughter, Naiya, and her reaction is equally priceless. Between unwrapping Spam and an envelope, we're not sure we'd want to be on the receiving end of this light-hearted prank, either!