Kid Gets Head Stuck in a Cat Tree and Is Rescued by Firefighters; Mom Blesses Us With the Photos

Anyone with little kids knows that if you turn your back for even a millisecond, somehow they manage to get into trouble. Recently, a mom named Cynthia Olson learned that lesson the hard way when her 4-year-old son, Parker, managed to get his head stuck in a cat tree. After struggling to free him, Cynthia had to call her local fire department for assistance. And while she's thrilled her son is OK, Cynthia didn't hesitate to share the entire snafu on social media, because, hey, we all need a laugh these days.

"Our son got his head stuck in our cat scratching post today and had to have it removed by the fire department," she wrote in the Facebook group Catspotting Society. "I thought my fellow cat friends would enjoy a little laugh this afternoon!!"

Understandably, the post instantly took off on Facebook, prompting Cynthia to follow up with an update to everyone's burning questions about the hilarious saga.

"First I would like to say our son is absolutely fine! He was not hurt in any way!!!!" she said. "I tried desperately to get him out myself but I'm a little vertically challenged and could not lift him straight up and turn his head and wiggle it out all at the same time alone. So I resorted to plan B.... (fireman enters scene) And yes they laughed the entire time 🤣🤣🤣 They did a phenomenal job!! I am sure it made for a much easier and more entertaining call than most they get these days."

Scroll ahead to get a look at the incredible rescue journey that we can't help but chuckle at.