This Cadbury Egg Dilation Chart Certainly Puts Childbirth Into a Whole New Light

Growing new life inside you often results in a whole lot of food cravings, ranging from pickles to candy and beyond. But a UK-based yoga studio called Kalma Baby put a chocolate-centric spin on childbirth that can't be matched. Back in 2018, the group published a Cadbury Egg Dilation Chart in an effort to explain what happens to the body while it's in labor. Thankfully, the chart is making its way around the internet again, and it's safe to say we're intrigued.

"During labor, the cervix changes from a tightly closed entrance which prevents anything from getting into or out of the uterus to protect the baby into a fully open exit for the baby," explained the site. "Sometimes looking at a cervix dilation chart can help people to understand what's happening at each stage of labor." And while one of my favorite treats and giving birth never exactly went hand in hand before, I'm very into how realistic this breakdown is. The human body is a crazy thing!