In Addition to Talking to Kids About Using Social Media, Try Carson Daly's Great Parenting Tip

With four kids of varying ages at home, Today host Carson Daly and his wife, Siri, are navigating parenting phases with babies, tweens, and everything in between. However, the dad of 11-year-old Jackson, 8-year-old Etta, 6-year-old London, and 10-month-old Goldie recently shared a tip for parents of older kids who are using social media and playing phone games: download everything your kid is using and learn how the apps work yourself.

"Everything my kids are playing, I actually download and play it," he said on Today. "My wife thinks I'm crazy, whether it's Roblox or Among Us or all these popular games. TikTok, Snapchat, I want to see it as a parent with my own eyes so I see what they're navigating through."

This tip is one many parents may not be implementing themselves, but it can be added as part of a larger social media parenting strategy that includes setting boundaries for kids' usage as well as talking to them often about internet safety and the effects of social media.