Channing Tatum Shares First Photo of Daughter Everly's Face: "You Are My World"

Although Channing Tatum hasn't been shy about sharing his love for his daughter with the world, he and ex-wife Jenna Dewan have kept 8-year-old Everly out of the spotlight. In fact, neither parent has ever shared a photo of her face until now.

Tatum posted a photo to Instagram on Thursday that shows him standing on a beach with Everly, who's facing forward and looking up at the sky.

"You my littles are everything!" he wrote. "You are my world and my heart."

Although he didn't explain why he decided to share the image publicly — the first that isn't from a side angle or with her face obscured or covered by a mask — he did give insight to the snapshot in his caption.

"You were looking at the full moon in this pic and telling me the prophecy of the full moon mermaid and then we ran into the water and looked for her and played with glow sticks in the night water calling out to the mermaids," he wrote. "You said you touched a bald headed mermaid and saw a tail."

He added: "One day you will read this and I hope laugh. We have fun."